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New research reported from INSEAD where MBA students were offered coaching to address personal issues that may impact on their leadership. Students went through a “process of personalisation”, reporting in the study three broad outcomes: stronger self-awareness; self-management - being more equipped to manage their own feelings and behaviour; and third, revisiting their own life story. Through the year the students came to understand how their own life stories could influence their current behaviour and that consequently enabled them to avoid self-defeating habits."

It is great to see such important research carried out in INSEAD. The role that Emotional Intelligence plays in effective leadership is increasingly recognised worldwide - and indeed an important topic to address during MBA studies. Raising awareness of the quality of one's interactions in the workplace is fundamental and in line with other research, such as that about authentic leadership and that of INSEAD Manfred Kets de Vries who developed tools that leaders use to identify those qualities they need to increase their effectiveness.

More tools are needed to help leaders both identify and apply emotional knowledge whilst in the workplace as well to increase the quality of human interaction as well as enhance organisational performance.