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Data visualisation ... and government opening its databases - a match in heaven!

Watch this video produced by the Open Knowledge Foundation on the Open! Government Data website. This is an excellent piece of work that gathers together the perspectives of a large number of people on the nature and utility of open government data.  

ReferenceThe article from Idealogue: "Mix and match - Bringing data to life" is highly recommended! Winner in the "Mix and Match" competition:  "100 Companies" by Alex Gibson & Graham Jenson "an interactive tool that lets you say "what if" to scenarios like doubling down on agriculture, or mining the conservation estate. Definitely hits the mark on "well designed" and "insanely great"". Quote from the website: "This infographic has two main goals. The first is to help dispel some myths surrounding the ways in which New Zealand can become prosperous, and the second is to help us ask the question "What should we invest our future in?" 

100 Companies based on Sir Paul Callaghan's StrategyNZ keynote and the visualisation is highly interactive, so please play around with New Zealand's Virtual Economy. 
We measure the prosperity of New Zealand through our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, average hours of work per week and average annual wage." More on the Wiki about the New Zealand Open Data Catalogue.

Another great data visualisation tool for educators is the interactive Bloom's "digital taxonomy" that represents the development process for critical thinking using Web 2.0 tools.

Source: usi.edu via Sandie on Pinterest