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Role Model project showcased in the 2011 NZ Race Relations Report to the UN Convention for Human Rights

We previously posted that our project below was noted by the NZ Race Relation Commission. We can now confirm publication! Download the whole Diversity Research Report from http://www.hrc.co.nz/race-relations/annual-review-of-race-relations.

Our Todd Foundation funded project "Engaging At-risk Youth: Tools and Role Modeling to Support Youth in Transition to Post-secondary Studies and Employment" is showcased in the Yearly report (p. 111) of the Race Relations Commission that will be presented to the UN Convention for Human Rights. The project is about how youth can learn from role model interviews to cope with the challenges that increase risk. As the text below is not clear, read the Abstract of the research in our previous post.

The "Role Model" secondary school curriculum is being piloted by a number of schools in the North Island. Plans are to expand to the South Island soon. Watch here some of our high impact interviews.

It is great recognition for this young project!

In turn we would like to acknowledge Dr. Fabrice Desmarais from the Waikato Management School and Ms. Sinduja Seshadri for their help in carrying out parts of this project.