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Steve Vosloo's presentation at TEDxSoweto

Really looking forward to meeting Steve in June 2013 in Paris!!
Steve's input for our UNESCO Peer-learning project will be priceless. 

I really enjoyed Steve's presentation above delivered two years ago at TEDx Soweto - that mobile learning potential is not only in content distribution but in audience engagement for the purpose of raising literacy. We carry in our pockets powerful tools to tutor, test, and support our young audiences - on an ongoing basis - not only when sitting at a computer... I agree with Steve's idea that the Mobile challenge is to leverage this potential in such a technological and social varied landscape. Steve lead the Digital Hero Book Project which is a form of a psychosocial support system that enables youth to post their own stories online using information and communication technologies. This is a fun way for children to collaboratively create illustrated storybooks featuring stories about heroes which they come up with, while providing them with a platform for dealing with serious issues. The books submitted are digitized and presented online. Storytelling directly support the development of literacy through the practice of speaking and listening skills. By combining digital storytelling with online group collaboration, this methodology also develops digital media skills and cross-cultural awareness. 

Steve also lead the Yoza Project, originally known as m4Lit (mobile phones for literacy), set out to explore the viability of using mobile phones to support reading and writing by youth in South Africa (SA). If mobile phones proved to be a legitimate alternative and complement to printed literature then their potential for increasing youth literacy practices of reading and writing in SA, and indeed the developing world, would be significant. Most developing countries are book-poor and mobile phone-rich, after all (Reference).

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