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Dairy Women storytelling workshop video clips

Watch over 40 video clips, interviews and digital stories of Dairy Women's Network by either: 

1. Going directly to the playlist by clicking here

2. Clicking the play button (4th from bottom right) as shown in screenshot below:

More information on the project:

Women leaders in the NZ dairy sector share inspirational stories via a Storytelling Workshop website (screenshot below) supporting the need for more dairy women to enter the leadership pipeline.

We are interested in capturing and analysing the data that can point to impact on participants and audience: how have people applied what they learnt? How have they used this new knowledge to change? What evidence can be shown of people either taking their next step in their own leadership development or encouraging/mentoring others in their aspiration or career development? A peer reviewed article was published detailing the impact of these leadership stories (Janson, A., Janson R. & Janson, S. (2011) Accelerating innovation-to-adoption cycles: Multimedia case studies to build leadership tacit knowledge. Journal of Agriculture Education and Extension. 17(4): 371-382).