EGL's mission is to bring accurate data and objective analysis from educational research to organizations.

We are a research institute dedicated to improving policy and decision making through research and analysis


Introducing EGL - the Ecosynergy Group

The Ecosynergy Group has developed a storytelling methodology to research and describe the lived experience of the people we work with (see our projects). 
  • In the innovation sector we collated leaders' interviews into a self-learning platform used by over 15,000 students
  • In the community and Health * Disability sectors, we research the impact of change stories from role models. This work extends to leadership development for disabled people and their families with the aim to develop a different understanding of social inclusion. More on our YouTube channel
We study the underlying structure these impact stories need to be to inspire people to take action (see a 7 min trailer used by teachers to inspire at-risk students and our FaceBook StoryBehindEveryNZ.YOUth page). 

Our projects have attracted over 30,000 learners and followers. We are supported by the NZ UN Human Rights Commission, Te Pou, UNESCO, The Todd and Tindall Foundations in our work with over 50 organisations. We build on the "Most Significant Change Stories" methodology to work with. We describe impact in groups and produce short documentary movies that add to the peer review research articles we publish.