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Update on our UNESCO Virtual Peer Learning project

Our UNESCO project building a resource for youth to learn virtually from their peers is booming! To the best of our knowledge, we are the only ones in New Zealand to offer such a resource... Educators and teachers have approved it - young people love it... after all, learning via video from the likes of YouTube is what they are already doing... only the role model materials out there may not be the best to encourage youth to develop their potential to the fullest...

We have selected most role models to be interviewed and have already completed two interviews.

See the UNESCO material at: tinyurl.com/UNESCOPeerLearning

At-risk students learn best from positive peer-role models who talk on camera about how they overcame specific obstacles. Last year, we built core role model material into a series of unique Virtual Role Model interviews (tinyurl.com/rolemodelexcerpts). Teachers used it to engage students in learning to evaluate and create oral/audiovisual texts and reflect on their education path to the point where they ask themselves "Who am I a Role Model to?" and "What is my dream?" These lessons takes youth through a path of self-discovery designed to re-engage at-risk students in school life.

Our pedagogic philosophy is to show all students that they too can experience success and have fun while learning. Engaging students with tasks that require little reading or writing at first will encourage them to build on early success and face later challenges. With the progression of our resources, the use of reading and writing increases in difficulty. The point is to keep as many students in the class engaged in learning whilst enjoying their school experience! Students will learn to appreciate visual and oral texts. Skills such as viewing and listening will be developed and the use of supporting evidence to make critical judgements will be developed. Teachers and educators have been testing parts of this resource this year and are planning to expand their use of the resource for 2013!

Do you know a role model who wants to share their story on tape to help peers overcome obstacles and aspire to be their best? Let us know!