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Work Partnerships That Work!

At EGL we are proud of the work we are doing with the Disability sector. We carry out a variety of applied research projects that demonstrate how people with a disability want to and can contribute to society. This research showed how, when two organisations work together to include people with disabilities in the workplace, this not only happens but also results in significant impact on organisations and people! This short movie was presented at the ASID Conference in Nov 2012. 

The Te Awamutu-based organisation providing these services for disabled people has posted the summary clip from our work below:

Another interview relevant to this topic is that of Wiremu talking about his new job and how fulfilled and happy he is to be holding it. Wiremu had to prove himself and overcome many obstacles to get to this point, but with the right supports this dream can become a reality for many disabled people... and Wiremu wants to be their role model!

URL for this post: http://tinyurl.com/enabling-workplace