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Launching online self-learning resources

Who do young people learn best from? … their (virtual role model) peers of course!

Free Virtual Role Models resource aimed at New Zealand youth launched online!

The Ecosynergy group is launching a free self-development course aimed at youth from 16 to 30 yrs and taught by Virtual Peer Role Models. Positive young role models tell on camera how they successfully overcame the range of challenges they encountered throughout teen years. The real-life problem-solving examples combine into punchy and authentic messages. We piloted this resource with a target audience who reported enjoying learning from their peers how they built resilience in the face of adversity to shape and follow their dream careers.

This Self-learning course is divided into 4 topics: Success factors, Choosing the right mates, Career development and Making a difference in others people’s lives. Educators and parents – check it and share!

The learning materials were designed from an applied research project on Storytelling for Impact. These stories empower New Zealand youth in developing goals to help them make effective personal and professional decisions whilst raising self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Simple and fast registration at: http://www.udemy.com/virtualrolemodels Once on the udemy platform type “virtual role models” in the search box, and you will be redirected to the resource page. 

P.S. This UNESCO resource is promoted via the AKO AOTEAROA website.

Deepest thanks to the Todd Foundation for its support with this project.
This project is part of the Te Ngira NZ Diversity Action Programme.