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Civic engagement and youth

Engaged volunteers or "At-risk youth"?
Civic engagement is increasingly recognized as a powerful, positive tool for re-engaging disenfranchised youth in society and in education systems, allowing young people to build their capacities, make a swift transition to productive work and public life, and contribute to the development of their communities and countries.
Volunteering is a positive activity with wide positive educational implications!! Our research into peer-learning will ensure our Virtual Volunteer Induction Programme (V. VIP) delivers high learning outcome for this youth.  
Watch a short clip of Te Aki talking about how important volunteering has been in her life:

UNESCO's educational programme takes this shift into account as per the post below:
There are many young people in the world however, that feel disenfranchised by a system that fails to consider their changing needs. Particularly in industrialized countries, young people in cities often feel alienated and ignored, especially as cash-strapped governments cut back on many youth support programmes (Murray, 2012). This is reflected in urban youth movements around the world that led to widespread political and social changes. Planning education systems to support young people as leaders and role models in society, both within and outside school is therefore an educational imperative.