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Reflecting about high school experiences

"Knowing what I know today, I would have made different career choices... and shorten my pathway to success by working harder in high school". To view the video material from the screenshot below, click on this URL.

"I could have succeeded at school - I just did not have the motivation to hang in there and work hard..." Sonny reflects on his career pathway and what he learnt with the perspective of hindsight: he would have been able to apply himself at school to succeed instead of identifying with the "cool" kids who got "into mischief"... He draws from his story to talk to today's teenagers: "Work hard today and pass your school subjects... If you have difficulties to learn at school, get the help you need to succeed. You will shorten your way to success by a lot! Talk to your Career Advisor if you want to know what courses to take for a specific path or if you are not sure what you want to do later."

More Peer-learning clips here with self-emerging leaders talking about, amongst other things, what about their high school experience helped them build resilience.

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