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Hosting Dr. Lenny Kristal from Cognisess

So proud to have hosted Dr. Kristal from Berkeley for the past week! Visit his website to understand what the future looks like in cognitive and emotional intelligence testing - whole life scan really... www.cognisess.com

Cognitive competence and emotional intelligence inform and control all aspects of our daily lives. Together, they determine how successfully we function as human beings in every professional and social setting. Scientists once believed that these cognitive and emotional powers were fixed early in life, with no prospect of positive change.

Test yourself and receive your profile (free) here on the site of our Global Empathy Study.

The Global Cognitive Empathy Study (GCES) is a cross-cultural research project; it aims to better understand which cognitive and emotional (intelligence) skills are universal and key to things like leadership, organisational style and relationships.  From the data collected we hope to shed more light than ever before, on the similarities and differences in human cognition & emotional intelligence across continents, cultures and demographics.

                                         Phew - the 6 day marathon is finished and we won!!!
                                                    Drs. Desmarais, Janson and Kristal


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