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Our storytelling project featured by Te Pou

The below is from the Te Pou Evidence into Practice 2014 project:

The video clip was filmed and produced by Dr. Annick Janson as part of a research outcome project!!!... 

New video shows how SPARK NZ assists leaders to implement evidence into practice. Its main conclusion: Innovations need champions within their organisations to grow and demonstrate their capabilities.

Supporting the promotion of activated research and knowledge (SPARK) is a training workshop developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), which teaches techniques for moving evidence-informed mental health and addictions research into practice. In 2013 Te Pou partnered with MHCC to deliver a SPARK NZ workshop in New Zealand. This video highlights what SPARK NZ is about and how the training supported three participants to implement innovations in their organisations. 

...and as Annick was one of the participants in the original workshop her own Knowledge Translation work is also mentioned as:

Examples of SPARK NZ projects
Annick Janson – capturing consumer voices for change

Annick developed a methodology to capture on video stories shared by parents of disabled children during a leadership development programme. The project tested a participative evaluation process to represent the diversity of consumer voices. These stories have now been shared with families, consumers, planners and funders.