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Supporting disabled entrepreneurship

Our recent knowledge-sharing work is about supporting disabled people to dream up and create their own business - shaped around their passion and talent. We have seen great examples of disabled people capitalising on their strengths to gain or create meaningful employment for themselves. Encouraging this fulfils our social innovation vision. We carry out targeted learning projects that are directly applicable to enriching the everyday life quality of families living with disabilities.

Since it is proven that peer-learning is the most effective way to learn, we systematically track and disseminate successes already achieved so that others can readily adapt them to their circumstances. There are many instances where families could and should help themselves by tapping into collective wisdom. This frees disability services capacity to assist their clients more efficiently.

Mainstream workplace options are rarely available options to people with communication or social disabilities. This is our signal to provide this group with knowledge on how to create self-employment and enter the business world in a way that allows them to contribute whilst showcasing their talent.