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Travel Safe Guide: Being out and about for people with intellectual disability


One of our latest projects is a Travel Safe resource for people with a learning disability. The resource can be downloaded from the IHC New Zealand website: www.ihc.org.nz/resources/travel-safe-guide

The Guide is in two parts: a video playlist that can be accessed through http://tinyurl.com/Travel-safe-videos (screenshot above) and a hard copy resource that will be available shortly via the IHC Library. The video playlist alone registered 400 views in the first month it was posted - without any advertising - only word of mouth from our Advisory Group (the IHC librarians and a group of users, parents and support staff) who liked what they reviewed so much that they immediately shared it with their own networks.

Below is a screenshot of the Guide's front page:

Easy read description
This guide will help you when you are out and about and need to use a bus, train or taxi. It explains some of the things that you need to know to travel safely by yourself.

Our deepest appreciation to the IHC Foundation who funded this project.

When we made this guide we found out everything we could about travelling safely. We read other guides, we looked things up on the internet, we talked to the police and to road safety officers. We also talked to people with learning disabilities and their families to find out what they felt people needed to know.

Then we put all the information together in these videos. We are also publishing a book.
To make the book easy to read together with the films we took pictures from the videos we filmed, of the things you will see when you are travelling.

We hope that these resources help you to get out and about and travel safely.
The Travel Safe team and Advisory Group

Researcher and Project Manager: Dr. Annick Janson, Ecosynergy Group Ltd. (www.egl.ac.nz)
Video and post-production: Marcel Baaijens
Graphic Designer, Print resource: Jennifer Ma

Advisory Group IHC Library: Cherie Walker, Ros Booker, Ann Everard
In consultation with: Tania Garrett, Kyle Hughes, Jan McConnochie, Val Brown, Sarah Edworthy and Sjoukje Ossterveld.

Jenna Maguren
Katrina Sneath
Greg Sneath
Benni Krueger
Nicola Murphy 
Marcel Baaijens

IHC Young Consultants Group: Alan Liu, Anaru Davis, Brooke Thomas, Katelyn Wills, Kathrina Sneath, Natasha MacKay, Georgia Garrett, Debeemay Maccarthy

Francton Idea group: Wiremu McMay, Hamish Dethaelly, Jess Barlow, Stacey Coy (also acted for our working sessions).

Blog: http://tinyurl.com/Travel-Safe-Programme