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Navigating with a Compass Presentation NZDSN Conference, Te Papa

A unique short-term Navigation™ Service Coordination initiated by NorthAble assists disabled people and their families and whänau to overcome specific obstacles and reach meaningful outcomes.
Annick Janson's presentation summarised the organisational learning assembled through partnerships between a service provider and disabled families, and identified the factors setting it apart from other related interventions.

Fourty five families described the impact of Navigation™ on their disabled family member and the family’s resulting connection to natural and community support systems. A combination of qualitative (narrative/thematic) and quantitative (social media) analyses uncovered a four-quadrant model of organisational capacity building.

A complex interplay of factors influence such sustainable outcomes: staff, decision-making patterns, outcome parameters and staff-clients interaction processes. Each factor involves multi-layered activities such as Procedure Manuals, IT systems recording timelines and organisational milestones and outcomes. Describing these active elements informs general navigation processes, early warnings and potential risk factors that could compromise outcomes - depending what elements are missing from interventions.

Results were embedded into organisational procedures through a series of innovative and comprehensive self-paced online workforce training modules. Hence tacit knowledge collected from a decade of leadership building, staff monitoring and clients’ experiences shapes the developments that ENCompass Navigation Services take into the future.