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Visual storytelling - more than you expect!

Visual storytelling is an amazingly powerful - yet ultra simple - method to put together stories using photos, videos and text and then share them. Visual stories are authentic and powerful stories that can connect to others in novel ways.

Last month we tried working with Storehouse, however they are closing down so we're looking for another tool.... however the stories written by our parents can be viewed as below until August 15:

1. A young artist's message: "don't worry Mum - I will be fine!"

2. Cameron surprises Mum: Not only did Cameron surprise Mum by concentrating on a task for much longer that before, but the next day he displayed very clearly what he had learnt from it! Mum then went on noticing Cameron's improvement during a family shopping experience, then a social outing. Carry on paying attention to surprises Mum! Because StoreHouse went offline, we replaced the Digital Story by a photo collage:)

What we LOVE about this visual storytelling tool is that we can use it to tell stories about short or long learning - we can use it to capture an instant in time, when we realised something about ourselves, or an ongoing process with different milestones.

At EGL, we aim to build up a story space where parents can exchange stories about what they learn daily when paying attention to the (sometimes subtle) messages that their children are putting out... we think that parents will learn from each other the "art of noticing" - upon which strength-based positive psychology is based.

A blogger notes: "To date we’ve found that posting anything beyond a single image or 140 characters takes quite a bit of work… perhaps this is the reason that so few of us who want to share a bit more depth or complexity often fail to do so. Visual stories give a group of images and/or media a new home, welcoming everyone to the story-making process.  Quality stories need to be told, and storytellers learn heaps in the process.

What inspires us about this tool: The Observer Effect
The Observer Effect has been well known in the social sciences: through the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality. Its demonstration in quantum theory, however,  makes it one of the most bizarre premises of this theory and has long fascinated philosophers and physicists alike.