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Measuring impact via social media

In disseminating stories about what people with disability and their families have learnt about creating a good life for themselves, the question of measuring impact came up.

Following one of the Leadership Development program we ran in the past with New Zealand parents of children with disability, we were thrilled to see that participants raced to take their leadership to the next level. One of the outcomes of these workshops was video clips that parents produced telling the stories of how they were working to create a 'good life' for their children. These video clips were, at first, meant to share with each other in the workshops, but parents wanted to distribute their stories further into their social media... so together we followed the stories' progress through these channels.

Below are screenshots of this data - showing how far have their stories have traveled.

In this new accountability environment, where organisations are asked to provide evidence for the impact their activities is having, the quantitative information that analytics offers is hard to beat.