EGL's mission is to bring accurate data and objective analysis from educational research to organizations.

We are a research institute dedicated to improving policy and decision making through research and analysis


Funders and Supporters

The Ecosynergy Group has carried out a wide range of projects starting in the year 2000!

Heartfelt thanks to:
  • The Todd Foundation for funding our research on storytelling for impact
  • The Tindall Foundation for funding our research on training for youth at risk 
  • The NZ Human Rights Commission for showcasing our research in its Race Relations report to the UN
  • Thinking Differently, Ministry of Social Development-led campaign for co-funding our UNESCO research
  • New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO for funding Case Study research on youth resilience
  • The TedEd.com community for creating a platform where we can experiment and learn
  • Community organisations who partnered in our research on Consumer Leadership in the disability sector 
  • Hamish Walton, Owner-Operator, PakNsave Hamilton for the co-funding of a UNESCO Case Study