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Journal Editing

We have co-edited two peer reviewed publications:
Using audio-visual research methods for the Social Sciences - PRism online journal
Leadership learning and capacity development - International Journal for Learning and Change

Selected Publications 

Peer reviewed and commissioned reports download

Janson, A. & Janson, M. (2018) Making space for social integration. Disability and Society. (In preparation) 

Janson, A. & Mahmic, S. (2018) Embedding positive psychology and flourish thinking in peer support networks for parents raising children with disability: A game-changer. [draft] [draft2]

Mahmic, S. & Janson, A. (2018) Now and Next - A leadership pipeline adventure: Launching the first Australasian network for families raising young children with disability.
Available from: https://www.centreforwelfarereform.org/library/by-az/now-and-next.html

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