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Sharing Change Stories
Parents of disabled children leading change 

Change Stories is an exploratory process designed and facilitated by social innovation trainers. You will find within yourself the positive stories that move you and empower you to lead change for your family. The journey of self-discovery will take you to reflect on the difference you want to make about diversity around you. You will share powerful change change and learn through mindfulness experience – yours and that of others.

This new learning paradigm will coach you in the design of your first action steps through creative thinking and interactive reshaping of diversity.

We facilitate customised, innovative and practical staff and customer development. Our facilitators have a comprehensive understanding of the human services and are experienced adult educators.

We use a robust known storytelling methodology that develops communication abilities. The project on the other hand does not come with set outcomes in terms of content – these will emerge with what people say is important to them and will enlighten us in ways we don’t know yet.

Our programmes are research-based and their outcomes in developing leadership potential have been peer reviewed and published in relevant journals

Recent Publications:
Janson, A., Grosyeux, B., Baaijens, M., Mandelberg, J. & Janson, M. (2013) AAA: Art and Autism from the Antipodes, UNESCO Observatory Ejournal Vol 2 Issue 3 (Upcoming publication date: June 2013).
Janson, A. (2013) Diversity Report, New Zealand Human Rights Commission, Wellington.
Janson, A. (2012) Engaging multicultural at-risk youth in transition to tertiary education and the workplace. New Zealand Race Relation Report to the UN Convention for Human Rights, Race Relations Commission (Diversity Research), Wellington: 111.

Annick Janson (2011) Attitude, Motivation and Agency: The three pillars of transformational teaching for at-risk students. UNESCO Asia Pacific Art Hub site

[This article explains how a student on the Autistic spectrum was discovered as a budding artist whilst still attending high school and how the parent-teacher relationship contributed to the student engaging in a successful artist career after high school].

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